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Comments from Sep 11 School Board Meeting

Good Evening Trustees, Colleagues, and Community Members,
I have to admit no one has ever demanded a public apology from me before, and I'm not exactly sure how best to proceed. I realize some are concerned about the negative aspects of the back-and-forth editorials published recently in the Evergreen Times. Over the past month, I have repeatedly asked for the chance to write an article about school board candidate Balaji Venkatraman, but I've been informed by the paper's managing editor no submissions will be accepted at this time. 
Having been given no other adequate venue to share my point of view with the larger Evergreen community, here is my response which will be published in tomorrow's edition:
I appreciate Pat Waite's attempt to set the record straight in his editorial. While he has always acted with integrity towards me in the past and his original story was a smart campaign move, I do dispute his claim it was not politically motivated. I hope to have the opportunity soon to respond with a positive and informative article about school board candidate, Balaji Venkatraman.
Both Pat and I spoke at the February 13th school board meeting. He is absolutely correct, Mr. Zito happened to be the one who made the original motion and he did vote in favor of placing the parcel tax on the June ballot along with three others.  Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. Mr. Zito was the only ESD board member who did not endorse Measure H. How can a Trustee make the statement, "it's all about the kids," and not fully support a parcel tax designed to provide competitive and safe learning environments and enhance student achievement?  Thank goodness our community ignored him voting nearly 75% in favor.
In reference to Mr. Zito's demand for a public apology, I'd be happy to oblige him. In exchange, he must pledge to stop maligning classroom teachers at political gatherings in the future. His accusatory statements are inflammatory, inaccurate, and extremely inappropriate.
Does the Evergreen community want a manipulative politician on our school board who will say one thing on the record, and then act very differently behind the scenes? Or do they deserve someone who is forthright in his words and actions, and always focused on students? I urge you to join with Evergreen teachers and vote Balaji Venkatraman for school board.
Thank you.



Brian Wheatley, ETA President
408-272-0601 ext. 215

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