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Board Comments 8-11-16

Welcome Back Trustees, Colleagues and Community Members,
I wanted to update you on a few things that have happened over the summer from our perspective.
Unfair Practice Charge Settlement - July 27
There's a great deal of verbiage, but I want to draw your attention to #3 regarding parity clauses and #5 dealing with authority to negotiate as well as bargaining in good faith. ETA sees these as crucial going forward. Read the full text of the settlement here
I never know exactly what is shared with you in closed session, but the heart to heart talk between the two chairs was a key turning point.
Interest Based Bargaining (IBB)
I'm sure you've heard the training set for Sept. 14 & 15, and I understand several of you will be joining us. I want to thank Maritza Cervantes and Rita Swencionis for agreeing to represent ETA Executive Board along with myself and our bargaining team.
I feel the need to stress we are agreeing to participate in the training, but not to using the process at the bargaining table, at least not yet. There are still many obstacles to overcome, not the least of which is a pervasive lack of trust. I remind you that IBB works best when there is a positive relationship between labor and management. I'm hoping there will be more opportunities for both sides to understand each other better. ETA Leadership is willing to explore any strategy with the hope of improving what has been a distinctly dysfunctional process over the last five years.
Finally, I'm looking forward to working together with each of you in order to pass Prop. 55 in November and continue funding public education here in Evergreen and throughout California.
Thank you!

Brian Wheatley, ETA President
408-272-0601 ext. 215

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